Thursday, November 13, 2008

On vacation :)

I will not be in Ampang basically for two days.
I will be on vacation, 3 days 2 nights with my high school friends.
Where to?

Yes, bukit bintang.I know it is very near, yet i am looking at the quality time that i will be spending with them.We will be staying at the apartment in KL plaza..Thanks abah.I need you to help me book for my other friends too yeh? :P  Thank you.Its been a while since i lepak with them , having a good laugh and gossip sessions.

In 1 hour, i will take a cab to bukit bintang,
carrying a travelling bag ( as if going to Pulau Tioman),
and preparing to have my best time with friends.
I shall update my 'vacation' soon enough. :)

My best friend : Part 1 : Pet.

Best friend. Since we were small, back in primary school..our english or malay teacher
would asked us to do a composition/ karangan bertajuk " My best friend".
We can't run away from this title as i believe everyone has a best friend.At least one.At least.

In my life, i have few friends that are very special and close to my heart.The above picture, PET, is one of my best friends that i love, care and treasure till the end of time.As i just started blogging again, i shall start with PET first.I will update my blog about my other best friends soon!

I met her in 2001.
How i met her? She happened to be my roommate.I still remember the feeling waiting to know who will be my roommate.Then she came in, shaked my hands and introduced herself
"Hai, aku lela".
From that moment, we were good friends.
At first, it was quite hard to know and be close as she was the really opposite of me.

She loves;
A band that freaks me out.The poster she pasted near her bed could not make me sleep.At times, i wonder how a girl could fall in love with that kind of music.
Basuh kain 
Oh, you will see her basuh kain everyday.As for me, i just kumpul all the baju kotor, and bawak balik rumah.
Makan on time 
 Makan mesti on time.Sometimes she waits for me, sometimes she will just go down and buy her food.For me, i will wait for her even how long she basuh her kain.That's pet.If lapar, dia tak pedulik org. :P ( Maasa tu la pett)
Forever with her walkman.Lagu apa dia dengar..i dont know.But i know slipknot is a must!
Red, Black, Brown,Dark Brown. No other colours are in her list.Trust me.Untill now, you can see, every single thing she has will be that kind of colours.Oh except her Mr Savvy, which is silver.Ha silver pun i think she can consider.For me, i love bright colours which she hates, very much. hehehe
Zul is her bf. Infact, my computer was the medium that connected both of them..hehe and she loves her boyfriend so much, she will sacrifice every single thing.Everything.That is how much pet loves her boyfriend..and Zul, u are one lucky guy..really. 

Months by months, years by years...we tend to be closer and closer.In fact, we became so comfortable with each other.And pet, to be honest, i think the best time we had , is this year.I think i am at a stage where i will miss u if u do not send me any sms, or call me for few days.
Dulu tak kisah sgt, but now, i feel incomplete.That is how close pet is in my life. :)
This is how i describe Pet.

Loving, caring, respectful, full of energy, confident, helpful, creative, responsible, and the list will be never ending.She could be degil and vocal at times also. After being her bestfriend for 7 years, i believe we fought only once kot...during our video clip shooting..but we managed to solved it in a good way...

Anyway Pet, if i wanna talk about willl take me days.I think i can publish a book about you, your life stories..coz i know everything bout you.Everything...or maybe most of it.I just wanna tell you that, i hope our friendship will last forever till the day i die, and be there with each other during ups and downs, during my wedding, my bersalin day, ahhaha, and all the magical moments. I want you to be there, smiling. I will try my best to be there for you, most of the times too. I promise.

Oh i seldom say this..
THANK YOU very much for being such a great friend.
I LOVE YOU. You need to know that.I know it sounds jiwang or whatsoever, but i need you to know.Whatever happens in the future, i will treausre all the good moments we had together.

p/s : Shana, im sure ure reading this.The next entry will be about you ok? Coz i love u too. :)
         Too my other best friends, i love you guys too.I will post an entry about each of you when 
         the time comes. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Being 25.

25 is a big number.
I can't run away from being 25.
Sometimes, i feel that i am not ready to be 25.
I felt that i am still 20 ( hehe, perasan ok)
When people ask your age,
"How old are you?"
"I am 25"
A lot of questions will be asked.
Adult questions.
What are you doing? What is your future plan?
When to get married?
Why you're still not married?
Is 25 old enough?
Sometimes, i feel that "Huih, i am 25 already"
Somtimes, i feel that " baru 25..."
I dont know what to feel.

Being 25,
I managed to achieve few things in life.
However, i have missed a lot of oppurtunities that i could live a better life when i am 25.
I have been through a lot of highs and lows.

in 5 months, 
i will not be 25 anymore.
I am gonna be 26. Huh, i feel like 26 is a number full of responsibility.

My high and low being 25.
High : I've gone through the 25 minutes viva presentation last wednesday! argh! lega!
Low : Having no life for 3-4 months struggling to go through the 25 minutes!

Whatever it is, i am glad i am 25.
I hope being 25 , 
I have made my family proud +
I have made my friends happy.


I am blogging again. 

Everyday, reading my friends blog is a must.It is like a routine.
If their blog is not updated, i will be frustrated. I love reading their stories.Yet, to update my own blog, oh malasnya. Plus, i do not have ample time to sit infront of my laptop and blog, yet i have time to sit and read. :)

Now, i am free. I think i need to blog like others. So here i am, today, blogging.